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Volunteer Info

Volunteers are one of the critical ingredients in a successful duathlon. Volunteers make it possible to conduct a safe, well-organized event. Individuals, teams, clubs and service organizations are invited to volunteer. Training, shirts and food are provided. Below is a description of duties involved with each volunteer section. There are many volunteer shifts throughout the day. Shifts start as early as 6 a.m. & end as late as 3 p.m. Most shifts last between two and four hours. If you find one (or three) that calls your name:

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Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers on the bike course wear bright orange vests and direct participants to turn appropriately at certain intersections. Race organizers mark each turn with brightly colored signs and orange spray chalk on the road surfaces—but it also helps to have volunteers providing guidance and monitoring areas where bikers share the road with cars. Police will be located at any intersection that requires vehicular traffic to stop and yield to bikers. As such, volunteers will not manage vehicular traffic.

Shift : 8AM-11:30AM

Volunteers on the run course are present primarily for motivation. At this point in the race, athletes appreciate encouragement. The run course is simple, out and back, but we still need to monitor all trail splits to make sure runners don’t accidentally veer off course. Also, since the run course will remain open to the public, volunteers may gently direct runners/walkers who are not race participants to stay near the edge of the path to avoid racers.

Shift 1: 8AM-11:30AM
Shift 2: 9AM-12PM

The transition area is the fenced-in area containing all the bike racks. This area is the hub of action during a duathlon. Volunteers will be stationed at all entrances to the transition area, where they will assist participants and keep spectators out (both for safety and security). Racers must display their race number to gain access to the transition area.

Shift 1: 7AM-9AM
Shift 2: 8:45AM-11AM
Shift 3: 11AM-1PM

These are the folks who assist with serving the beverages and pre- and post-race food to participants and volunteers.

Shift 1: 7AM-10AM
Shift 2: 10AM-1PM

We offer an aid station during the second run portion of the race. Runners will pass the aid station at the halfway or turnaround point. Volunteers fill and distribute cups of water. Volunteers will also be staggered along the course to pick up cups from runners during the race. This will save a lot of time when the race is over.

Shift : 8:30AM-11:30AM

Volunteers are always needed to assist race staff during check-in. Prior to the race, participants must pick up their race numbers, event shirts, goody bags, etc.

Shift 1: 6:30AM-9AM
Shift 2: 6:45AM-9AM

You’ll be handing a bottle of water and finisher’s medal to each racer as they cross the finish line.

Shift : 9:30AM-12:30PM

We need help deconstructing the transition area, collecting signage along the three courses & packing up materials after the conclusion of the awards ceremony. Clean up usually starts around NOON and lasts until the park is clean.

You’re here in-case another volunteer can’t make it, we run out of crucial supplies, or an un-planned task arises. In these events, we’ll need your help!

Shift : 8AM-11AM

If you or your organization would like to be a part of this incredible event, contact Chloe White at cwhite@cata.org or (517) 394-1100. Please include your name and contact information as well as the area in which you would like to volunteer. If you are representing a team, club, organization, etc., please also include the number of volunteers who will be participating.

Pure Michigan Fitness Foundation Challenge

Since the Come Clean Duathlon is a Governor’s Council endorsed event, it qualifies as part of the Pure Michigan Fitness Foundation Challenge. This means you’ll recieve one FIT point for your volunteer services.

Learn more about the challenge & register here